What’s Biting

What’s Biting

What’s Biting? Here are some of the fish catch species you’ll encounter on your deep sea fishing charter aboard the Chipper’s Clipper offshore sportfishing boat.

Typical fish we catch, the best time to target certain species and the length of trip you may need are included. Some of these fish catch species can be caught year round, others have a peak season in which they can be harvested.

King Mackerel May thru Oct. Trolling or live bait fishing. 4 hr. trip or longer.

Spanish Mackerel May thru Oct. Trolling close to the beach on a 4 hr. trip.

Bull Red Fish All year round, best in the spring and fall. 4 hr. to 6 hr. trip.

Cobia or Ling Mid March thru April fish are migrating from east to west. We have a tall tower on the boat to sight the fish for Cobia. 4 hr. or longer trip.

Trigger Fish Can be caught year round, but they have a season to be harvested. 6 hr. trip or longer.

Vermillion Snapper (or Beeliner), White Snapper Year round. 6 hr. trip or longer.

Black Snapper (Mangrove Snapper) June thru summer. 6 hr. trip or longer.

Scamp, Grouper, Amberjack These fish can be caught on 6 hr. trip, but we catch most of them on 10 hr. to 12 hr. trips in deep water. Amberjacks do have a season to be harvested.

Wahoo Usually caught trolling from end of May thru Sept. Catch most of them on the way out or way in on the 10 hr. or 12 hr. trips.

Dolphin, Tuna, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sail Fish These fish are caught around 35 miles offshore, usually in what is called blue water. The water is so blue it even has a purple or megenta look to it. We look for weed or current lines to troll on. You have a chance to see Whale Sharks and other types of Whales.

Sharks Hammer Heads, Bull Shark, Black Tip, and Tiger sharks are common to our area mainly in the summer months. If we catch a shark, we usually get it close to the boat for everyone to see and get pictures and then release it.

You can learn more about fishing on Chipper’s Clipper, along with charter prices, HERE.